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Drivel. Nothing But Drivel.


So it's Wednesday, which in theory, means I should be writing about some wonderful, gorgeous place far, far away from here. Sadly, I have nothing prepared. And after neglecting the ONLY weekly blog post I've vowed to do last week, I'm flaking again. Not one week, but two! Oh, I fail. I feel really guilty about that. Next week, I'll write a double post, featuring two of my most favorite places. I promise!


I've written nearly 10k more on the never-ending novel. And I'm making real, actual progress. Like, I'm on page fifteen of my twenty page outline. Progress. Even though I've just surpassed 90k and am pretty sure I won't be finished at 100k.

I'm telling you, this book will. Never. End. Ever.

I don't really have anything to write about tonight. I'm watching American Idol and hoping that Big Mike gets voted off and bouncing back and forth between writing a dirty, naughty scene in my book and writing this.

American Idol has made me mad this year. I hate it when they split the top whatever evenly between guys and girls. This year, there were so many amazing girls that didn't even get a chance because they did this. Instead, we got stuck with a bunch of mediocre guys (including Big Mike -- Mr. Overrated) and the talented people are dropping like flies. America doesn't vote for talent anymore -- it's a popularity contest. Sadly.

Anyway, I'm gonna glue myself to Microsoft Word for the next hour or so and finish the scene that makes me blush. I'm sorry I didn't have anything interesting to write about!

PS. I got bored with my old layout, so I switched it up again. I think I have a touch of ADHD when it comes to layouts!