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Monday Mixtape - The American Idol Edition

This is the last Mixtape of October. Next Monday is officially November. AHHHH!!

Every Monday next month, I'm going to share songs from the playlist I've put together for my NaNo project. Some fun stuff on there. Today, though, is the American Idol finalist edition:

As I've mentioned before, I have watched every season of American Idol. Kat is pretty much my favorite finalist. Her new cd is amazing. Here is one of my favorites -- although, it's hard to choose since they're all so good!

Kelly Clarkson. Such an incredible voice, such an infectious personality. I adore this song. The lyrics are beautiful and Kelly's voice is...well, just take a listen!

I have a soft spot for guys who can sing like this. David Cook's voice is super sexy and this is, by far, the best cover of any song I've ever heard. I mean, it's Mariah Carey for God's sake!

I hope you guys enjoy these songs as much as I do. I have the sneaking feeling this won't be the last American Idol edition of Monday Mixtape...

Alright. I've got to go make dinner and get a few things organized for NaNo. I am under strict orders from Dana that I am not to do anything NaNo-related on our day off, so I want to get everything ready before Thursday! All you NaNo-ers out there, how is your planning coming along?

Drivel. Nothing But Drivel.


So it's Wednesday, which in theory, means I should be writing about some wonderful, gorgeous place far, far away from here. Sadly, I have nothing prepared. And after neglecting the ONLY weekly blog post I've vowed to do last week, I'm flaking again. Not one week, but two! Oh, I fail. I feel really guilty about that. Next week, I'll write a double post, featuring two of my most favorite places. I promise!


I've written nearly 10k more on the never-ending novel. And I'm making real, actual progress. Like, I'm on page fifteen of my twenty page outline. Progress. Even though I've just surpassed 90k and am pretty sure I won't be finished at 100k.

I'm telling you, this book will. Never. End. Ever.

I don't really have anything to write about tonight. I'm watching American Idol and hoping that Big Mike gets voted off and bouncing back and forth between writing a dirty, naughty scene in my book and writing this.

American Idol has made me mad this year. I hate it when they split the top whatever evenly between guys and girls. This year, there were so many amazing girls that didn't even get a chance because they did this. Instead, we got stuck with a bunch of mediocre guys (including Big Mike -- Mr. Overrated) and the talented people are dropping like flies. America doesn't vote for talent anymore -- it's a popularity contest. Sadly.

Anyway, I'm gonna glue myself to Microsoft Word for the next hour or so and finish the scene that makes me blush. I'm sorry I didn't have anything interesting to write about!

PS. I got bored with my old layout, so I switched it up again. I think I have a touch of ADHD when it comes to layouts!