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Spring Break for the Boring

So I'm officially on Spring Break! Woo!

Not that I have any big plans or anything. I won't be jetting off to Cancun anytime soon (sadly). No, I'll be staying here, in frigid ole Michigan, and working five days next week.

And I still have to finish reading The Odyssey and do some homework.

And, fingers crossed, I'll get to finish up my WiP. Three chapters to go!

So, it's not really a break, I guess.

Whatever, I'm still stoked.

Anyway, remember my Mac vs PC post? I appreciated all of your input, and a decision has been made. Instead of splurging on a beautiful piece of machinery (that I wanted REALLY bad), I decided to spend significantly less money and get a cute little netbook. My reasoning behind this -- I'm a hopeless romantic. I need to hold onto that reward of a Mac when I get published. It's a pretty great incentive, don't you think? Plus, my new netbook is pink!

In other news, The Literary Lab has released their anthology. It's got some pieces from really great writers, including the magical Genie of the Nutshell. Check it out. I'm ordering my copy right now!