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2011: Year In Review

Here we are again. Another year older, another year wiser?

Well, another year older, anyway.

I'm sitting here, looking back on 2011. I can't believe it's coming to an end in a matter of days. New Year's Eve always makes me sad because another year has gone by. On the other hand, the brand new year is like a fresh start, a chance to make good on the things you said you'd do the year before but never got to.

Which leads me to the tried and true Resolutions portion of this post. Last year, I made a few



1. Complete NaNo '10 first draft.

2. Finish revising NaNo '09 novel.

3. Read at least one book a month -- it's less than I read this year, but with school, who knows how much time I'll have.

4. Blog semi-regularly. At least twice a week!

5. Write every day -- even if it's only a hundred words scribbled in my journal!

So, how did I do? Well...I finished my NaNo '10 novel, but I didn't touch '09's. I had less time to read than I anticipated, especially in the summer, but I squeezed a few books in here and there. The last two are epic fails. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I've been more absent than here this year. I successfully completed the A-Z Blogfest, which was fun, but other than that, I posted sporadic updates. And I most definitely did NOT write every day. Nope That didn't happen.

But let's take a look at what DID happen (if only to make me feel better about myself):

1. I revised the novel from NaNo '10 - twice. AND shipped it off to beta readers. I'm really proud and excited about this. This particular novel has been stirring around in my brain for upwards of 5 years. I wrote a couple previous drafts and let them fall by the wayside because something just wasn't quite right. But I chose it for NaNo last year, changed the POV and pushed through it. And what I ended up with is the best thing I've ever written. I've seen what I can do and I can't wait to take what I've learned from this story and apply it to something new. Also, I'm excited to polish this one up and maybe dip my toes in the waters of submissions.

2. I completed 3 semesters of school and now I'm two classes short of my Associate's (finally). AND I'm holding down a 3.89 GPA. Not too shabby, right?

3. I decided what I'm going to school for. Once I finish up my Associate's, I'm getting my Bachelor's in Communications. God knows where I'll go from there, but at least I've got a general idea, right?

4. I conquered my fear of driving and am ready to finally get a gosh darn driver's license. I refuse to be a weirdo any longer!

These last ones aren't accomplishments, but they did help make 2011 a fantastic year:

5. I attended the best concert of my life and got to meet the most amazing singer ever:


So, all things considered, 2011 was a pretty great year for me. For once, I'm definitely looking forward to the next year!

What about you? How did 2011 treat you? Do you have any resolutions?

Spring Break for the Boring

So I'm officially on Spring Break! Woo!

Not that I have any big plans or anything. I won't be jetting off to Cancun anytime soon (sadly). No, I'll be staying here, in frigid ole Michigan, and working five days next week.

And I still have to finish reading The Odyssey and do some homework.

And, fingers crossed, I'll get to finish up my WiP. Three chapters to go!

So, it's not really a break, I guess.

Whatever, I'm still stoked.

Anyway, remember my Mac vs PC post? I appreciated all of your input, and a decision has been made. Instead of splurging on a beautiful piece of machinery (that I wanted REALLY bad), I decided to spend significantly less money and get a cute little netbook. My reasoning behind this -- I'm a hopeless romantic. I need to hold onto that reward of a Mac when I get published. It's a pretty great incentive, don't you think? Plus, my new netbook is pink!

In other news, The Literary Lab has released their anthology. It's got some pieces from really great writers, including the magical Genie of the Nutshell. Check it out. I'm ordering my copy right now!


A couple things today:

1. I had a BLAST participating in the Just Kiss Already Blogfest! All the entries I read were so, so good and everyone that stopped by here had such nice things to say. It was such a great idea and so much fun! Thanks to everyone who read and commented. Your compliments meant a lot!

2. I just surpassed 150 followers. Wow! I'm in utter disbelief about this. Thank you to everyone who follows me -- new and old!

Now, down to the meat of this post. There's something I've been mulling over for a couple weeks now. Something life-altering. Something big. Something...expensive.

See, here's the thing. I think I might be a Mac girl.

I've used PCs my entire life. I run them like a pro. I curse them and want to throw them against the wall. And then I turn around and beg them to forgive me for such evil thoughts. And plead with them to work better, faster, more efficiently. I know PCs, blue screens and all.

But I've been lusting after Macs for just as long. I've settled for my PCs because they're more affordable. More familiar. But the lust just won't go away.

And now I'm in the position where I could afford to go out and buy one of those shiny, pretty machines.

The problem, you ask?

I'm nervous.

It's a lot of money. And my current PC is perfectly fine (other than running slow some days and occasionally crashing, anyway). Should I really give in to my technological lust and splurge? I mean, I've always planned on eventually getting a Mac. But I promised myself I'd buy one when my first book was published. Let's face it, though. That's years (and years and years) off.

So, what do you think? Do you use a PC or a Mac? Which do you prefer? Are Macs really worth all that cash?