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Under the Influence

This post is for The Insecure Writer's Support Group, which posts the first Wednesday of each month.

So, the week before last, I finished reading a Young Adult dystopian series with mixed feelings. I loved the writing style, but felt let down by the ending. Usually, my favorite part of finishing a book is deciding which book to read next, and so I turned to my shelves (and my Nook) with excitement.

And I searched. And searched. And searched.

I could not make up my mind.

Should I read another YA book?

Should I read a Romance?

I felt burned by my latest endeavor into YA, and so all the books calling my name from THAT genre were being ignored. And it'd been too long since I'd read a Romance novel, which is usually my genre of choice.

So what was keeping me from scooping up one of those pretty books?


It has always been a struggle for me. Whatever I'm reading at the time somehow seeps into my own work. Not intentionally, but the influence is clear.

I've finally been on a roll with my WIP. Rumor has it, I've finally found my "Voice." So, I was worried that if I indulged in my beloved Romance genre (which is what I'm writing), that progress would somehow be compromised. The style of the author I'd chosen would take over my own style.

I finally decided to risk it and chose an author I'd never read. I've only written about a thousand words since then, but the me-ness still seems to be intact.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you worry that what you're reading will influence your own work? How to you keep this from happening? Read any good books lately?