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Phase Three -- Complete


I finished my third rewrite last night. I use the word "finished" very loosely because,I rushed through the last few chapters so I would meet my June 30th deadline. But I think I've got everything where it needs to go now. It's just a matter of tightening and cleaning up the writing. Which should take about, oh another six months.

God, I really hope not!

I was looking to procrastinate the other day and I pulled out one of my old manuscripts. And then I was overcome with the need to get back to it. To reacquaint myself with those characters and finish their stories. I miss them. Is that strange? To miss a fictional character that only lives inside your head? Maybe that's why people think writers are crazy, huh?

I've been trying to decide whether or not to continue with my current WiP, cleaning it up and making it shine, or to dig back into this other one. I'm sure distance would be helpful. After all, I never did take some time away from it. As soon as I typed The End, I dove right into the edits.

So, what do you think? Does it really help to get some distance from a piece of writing before ripping it apart? Should I start something new and let this one simmer for a little while?

In non-writerly news, I took part in the ridiculousness that is the Twilight phenomenon on Tuesday night. A bunch of us went to the opening show at midnight. The place was packed to the ceiling with squealing teenage girls and soccer moms wearing Team Edward or Team Jacob t-shirts. I'm not a rabid Twi-hard (that's what they're called, right?) by any means. In fact, I'm downright cynical and will always be the first to make fun of all of it. A friend of mine force-fed me the books last year and I have to say, I prefer the movies. At least they're not filled with a thousand different descriptions of Edward's beauty, you know?

Oh, and if anyone is wondering -- I'm totally Team Jacob.