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Goodbye, 2012

There are roughly four and a half hours until 2012 comes to a close. How was your year? Did you accomplish all you'd hoped to? Did you learn a few lessons, take a few falls, learn to pick yourself up, dust off and move on?

What about your writing? Did you finally finish that novel you've been working on? Did you get through the muck of revisions and come out on the other side with a shiny, beautiful draft? Did you finally dip your toes in the querying waters?

It's this time of year that I usually recap my goals from last year and determine whether or not I made them. Well, I looked back at my Revolutions post from last year and...I didn't make any. Weird, huh?

So instead of my usual New Year's post, I thought I'd share with you what I've accomplished this year, and what I hope to accomplish next year.

One of the biggest things I accomplished in 2012 was getting my driver's license. It took me years to get over my fear of getting behind the wheel, and in March, I finally passed my road test. Now, I drive all over town. I can't believe it took me so long, and I definitely can't imagine going to back to living without it!

Over the Summer, I joined a writing group, Pigasus Pen. It's my first one, and I cannot fathom being in a different one. The three girls in my group are all wonderful and amazingly talented and genuinely nice people. I've already learned so much from each of them, and I look forward to every one of our meetings in 2013. May the year bring The End to each of our stories and the beginning to new ones, as we send our babies out into the world. Thank you,






for all your knowledge and patience and talent. And thank you for sharing this writing journey with me. I am lucky to have you ladies!

As a result of my wonderful writing group, I have made a ton of progress on my Work-in-Progress. You know the one. The five-plus-years-in-progress novel, that's gone through many different phases, from Harlequin-esque to slapstick to a workable contemporary romantic comedy. I have learned a lot throughout writing this particular story, and even more once I started sharing it with my group. It's changed POVs, Chapter One's, and Scene Order, just in the last six months. I'm getting somewhere, though. I can feel it. And I can't wait to read the final product!

I think that sums up the high points of 2012 for me -- a great year, I'd say!

As for 2013...what does it have in store? What would I like to accomplish? Hmm...

I'd like to pass the gosh darn math class I'm taking this upcoming semester. It's the last credit I need to obtain my Associate's Degree. Then, I'd like to get started on my Bachelor's.

As for my writing goals...I'd like to keep on the track that I'm on right now, with regular revisions and continuous improvement. I'd like to come up with an outline for the novel that's been niggling in the back of my mind for the last few months. And I'd like to read more than I did this year.

I have also decided to steal an idea I saw online somewhere. I'm starting Good Things Jar - each time something good happens, we'll write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. On New Year's Eve next year, we'll pull them out and read them. I think it's a cool idea, and I can't wait to fill the jar!

Those goals sound feasible, right?

So, what about you? What are your goals for 2013? Let's hear 'em!

Writing Resolutions

I purchased a cheap planner from Target last week while I was out finishing Christmas shopping, and I plan to use it to track my writing progress. On the first page, I made a list of my writing goals for 2010. They include:

1. Write at least 500 words a day. (Much more feasible than the 1667 that I did this past November)
2. Finish NaNo '09 project. (My poor pregnant MC needs to have that baby!)
3. Revise NaNo '09 project. (It needs to NOT suck when I get my CreateSpace copy!)
4. Finish the Tierney/Jack story. (This is the one I've been working on for years. This is the year I finish it. I swear it!)
5. Revise said story. (For peace of mind, if nothing else, this project needs to be done.)
6. Plan NaNo '10 project. (No last-minute scribbles of plot points on scraps of paper again!)
7. Do at least one "mini-NaNo" before November. (Maybe use it to finish one of the above.)
8. Go to writing groups regularly. (They help make me a more productive writer.)
9. Read more books. (Yes, books. Not just magazines or blogs. But real, actual BOOKS!!)
10. Write in journal or blog daily.

There, 10 goals for 2010. I am determined. I am serious. I am 100% dedicated to getting back into the swing of things. I am a writer.





And I will write, damn it!