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Page 99 Blogfest

Hey, look! It's another last minute blogfest!

I thought this one sounded interesting. The whole idea is to post page 99 from your book and see if people would read on. Cool concept, right? If you want to read the other entries, click here!

Alrighty, here's page 99 of my current WiP. A little backstory: my main character, Tierney, is determined to win back her ex, Wes, who's engaged to Sam. Jack is determined to stop her. Tierney has just brought up the night she and Wes painted their initials on the town's water tower.

Here goes nothing!

“Uh…” Wes trailed off, glancing down at his hands. I almost felt bad for him. But almost didn’t count. And I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity to drudge up our past.

“W.J and T.E Forever,” I supplied without a bit of hesitation. Maybe it was wrong of me to tell my ex’s fiancée that we’d planned on spending forever together and had emblazoned our initials on the town’s water tower to prove it. Maybe I should have just made something up. But what good would that do?

“I…ah, I see.” Sam looked contrite for a moment, igniting pity inside me. She’d absolutely mastered the deer in the headlights of a Mack truck look.

“Silly kid stuff.” Wes covered Sam’s fidgeting hands with his own and passed me a dirty look.

Sorry, I mouthed, not exactly sure what I should feel sorry for. If Wes was completely secure in his relationship with Sam, he would have no problem telling her what we’d been busted painting on the water tower, right? It was years ago! But that he didn’t want to tell her said something. Something I really wanted to hear. He still cared for me.

At this moment, reuniting with Wes seemed more possible than ever.

“You two should put your initials up there.” Jack aimed the comment at the other couple and brought an abrupt end to my elation. I wanted to elbow him in the gut.

Sam smiled brightly, all insecurities erased by her excitement. “Could we, Wes? That would be so fun!”

So, what do you think? Would you want to read more? Or would you toss this book aside and reach for something else?