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B is for Beginnings

So, like I mentioned before, the most preparation I've done for this month of madness is a list of topic ideas for each day. They're random. Scatter-brained. But hey, that's me.

I was hoping to be one of those uber-organized bloggers with not only pre-written posts for the entire month, but a theme, too. Alas, my brain does not roll like that. So bear with me. It's going to be a crazy, weird ride!

Now that I've got that disclaimer out of the way, onto today's post.


B is for Beginnings.

As in, novel beginnings.

How do you know where to start your story? How do you know if you've started it in the right place?

I'm one of those writers who constantly starts my story WAY too soon. Like, 3+ scenes before it should begin. And I never realize this until I've finished my entire first draft and dig into revisions.

I suppose this isn't a bad thing.The scenes I have to cut often help me develop my characters and get to know their back story a little better. Then again...all that work down the drain! Why didn't I just begin the story in the right place from the get-go?

What about you? Are you a notorious early-starter, too? Or do you know right where to begin before you put pen to paper?