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Happiness is...

I woke up in a pretty good mood this morning. I'm not sure why. Yesterday wasn't the greatest of days. Maybe it was the wedding I went to on Sunday. My cousin got married in her backyard, and the moment she started down the "aisle" it started to rain. Regardless, she and the groom were so happy to be getting married they had smiles on their faces. They rushed the ceremony because they were the only ones under a tarp and the rest of us were getting soaked, but they were in such good spirits that my heart filled with happiness. I'm really happy for her. And it did my heart good to see that love like that can exist in this world and not just in books.

Anyway, I don't have much time -- or much patience, for that matter. I've got a cat attacking my fingers and chewing on my ring as I type. So this post is going to be quick. I just wanted to capture my good mood by listing a few things that make me happy.

1. A real, live copy of MY book!

2. Jewel (particularly at the moment, Ten by Jewel)

3. Friends reruns

4. Driving (turns out I really like to drive -- who would've guessed it?)
5. The feeling of a nice pen across a sheet of paper.
6. My dog

7. My cat

8. Audrey Hepburn movies

9. The beach. Or any body of water in general.

10. Flowers from Dana for finishing yet another draft of my book