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Busy Bee

Today, I'm on a high. I was a real busy buy in the hours between 10am and 5pm. I went down to Secretary of State and got my permit (again). The goal is to have my license by the end of the summer. I just turned 27, for God's sake! I should have my license! After that, I was walking past a store. They had a Now Hiring sign in their window, and I decided to apply. I've been meaning to find a 2nd job anyway. Well, when I turned in the application, I got an interview right then. I have a follow-up in the morning. Hopefully, I'll get it! I wandered around the mall for a while afterward, then stopped in at Barnes and Noble. There, I finished up Chapter 9 and got about half through Chapter 10. When my laptop's battery died, I left the book store, planning on going to a coffee shop down the street, where I could plug in. As I walked down the sidewalk, a library sign caught my eye.

I've always wondered where this mysterious library was, but I never actually LOOKED for it. Well, today I did. And I found it. I spent the next three hours alternately browsing the shelves and working on my own novel. I checked out three books (April & Oliver, 20 Times a Lady, and What I Did for Love). I know -- I haven't even made it through my To Read list for this year. But I couldn't resist. I haven't been to a library since I moved to Lansing over 2 years ago. It was like trick or treating!

I also finished Chapter 10's revisions and got about half through 11. I'm making pretty quick progress. I mean, my deadline is Wednesday before midnight and I still have about 6 chapters to go. But at this point, it's really just putting the pieces where they go and cleaning up the writing. By this time Thursday, I should have a cohesive, semi-readable third draft! And, frankly, I can't wait.

PS. In case anyone was wondering, the lie in the Awardy Goodness post was number 6. I DO like purses quite a bit, but I only have about 15 or so, and they definitely don't have names!