She’s a dreamer stuck in a rut

Big dreams. Tierney Chandler had 'em. Why else would she leave her small town--and her picture perfect fiancé--behind? Nine years later, the town's still small, her dreams are mostly still dreams, and her still-perfect ex is interested. Maybe she should ditch her daydreams and pick up right where she left off…

He’s a dreamer stuck on her

Jack Elliott is a baker, making his dreams come true one golden, flaky pie crust at a time. Years ago, he lost out on his chance with Tierney, but now she's back--and he's determined not to let his annoyingly perfect cousin swoop in and steal her away. Again.

Together, they can make new dreams come true

With a little magic potpie, some stellar kisses, and a heaping helping of blue-eyed charm, maybe--just maybe--Jack can convince Tierney that he's the dream she's been waiting for.



Rule #1: Never stay the night

Happy-ever-afters are for suckers, and Cat Keller ain't no sucker. For years, she's followed a set of rules--rules to keep things casual, to keep her heart safe. And she's never broken them…until a one-night stand turns to two nights, then three, then…well, maybe she can bend just one rule.

Rule #2: Never bring a boy home

Jude Oliver--radio deejay and local heartthrob--was only looking for one night, too, and the cynic in red high heels seemed like just the girl to erase the taste of heartbreak from his lips. But with every night they spend together, Jude is falling for Cat. Soon, he's ready to take the leap and love again. Can he convince her to jump with him?

Rule #3: Never…uh…wait, it’s here somewhere

With his unwavering optimism and dimpled grins, Jude is defying Cat's casual code. As she scrambles to hold onto her defenses, she can't help but wonder if he's the one guy worth breaking all her rules for.

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She sidesteps feelings like a pro

Comic book artist Sunny Oliver is prepared for almost anything. Rabid fans? No biggie. Zombie Apocalypse? Piece of cake. Her older brother's best friend? Er…not so much. He's obnoxious. He's gross. He's…hot? Back in high school, Ben Owens made her feel invisible. But now? NOW he sees her. And the way he's looking at her has her ready to drop her walls…AND her pants.

He’s a master at dodging commitment

ER nurse Ben Owens is a one girl kinda guy. One girl a NIGHT, that is. As a rule, he doesn't get attached. Marshmallow-filled cactus Sunny Oliver is the exception to that rule. Always has been. Years ago, he made a promise to keep his distance. Breaking it could cost him, and the price is higher than he's willing to pay. But if it's such a bad idea, why does it feel SO good?

But neither can outrun love

With each pizza shared and every digital zombie vanquished, Sunny and Ben rekindle the friendship they shared years ago. Only, this time, something's different. Better. Will they give in to their newfound feelings, or will past promises--and past hurt--send them running in the opposite direction?